Day 7- Education

I love the fact that I live in a country that makes education a realistically attainable dream come true. I also love education in general. I am grateful for the opportunity to attend college, and that, at my somewhat older than normal college age, I still fit in among the other students, some of whom are also older than the traditional student.

Because of this pursuing of education, however, I was sadly unable to update at any point in the last week. I will try to not let that slip in the future but no promises.

My first week back on campus was somewhat hectic, but also filled with joyful reunions with old classmates. It’s good to see many of those people again.

I love the clubs that I am a member of and the various meetings and functions I attend because of them. I have made great friends and will make many more in the future.
Here’s to surviving 5 classes and. hopefully, making the deans list yet again! (Something I am also incredibly grateful for!)


Day 6- Time for Friends

Oftentimes we neglect ourselves to the point of breaking. We don’t even realize what happening most of the time. The constantly putting it off…”Oh I need to go out and chill But this laundry needs doing”…you know what I am talking about.
Me and a friend are always saying how we need to hang out sometime but are never finding the time to do so.
Well, today we made a point to make it happen.
And it was fun.
We got to talk and eat and be basically child free for a short time. (she had her baby with her but he slept through the whole lunch)
It got me thinking about those times when I know that things are reaching a breaking point but I feel like I can’t stop for a break right now…
So many people feel the same way.
Too many of them don’t have the time to take at all.
Too many don’t have friends to take time with.
I am grateful to have friends to go out with (even if it is rare due to busy schedules)
I am also grateful that we have the time and money to go out together. Too many people do not.

Okay well….there is so much more I really wanted to say but I have to get up early tomorrow (and it will be a late night too) so Goodnight and don’t forget to look for the things in your life that you are also blessed with.

Day 5- Peaceful Moments

You know those random moments at the end of some days when all seems right?
I am eternally grateful for those.
Listening to Fur Elise and watching a fire burn in the pit.
Even though it’s been a crazy emotional rollercoaster weekend. Even though the kids fought so much.
I can take a deep breathe, listen to beauty, and watch the hypnotic effects of the dancing flames.
All while enjoying a glass of Mascato.
Maybe it’s the wine I should be grateful for….
I am grateful for those moments of peace.
Because they make me realize how blessed I really am.
So the kids argued a lot. They still love each other.
So I did a Lot of dishes today. I was able to buy all those lovely new dishes to wash.
Dinner was leftover pizza? I like pizza.
Little moments are what make those big ones worth it.

Here’s a song by Brad Paisley (little moments)…I just thoguht it was appropriate.

Day 4- Smartphones

I love my phone.
Unfortunately, it did not love me back as much.
Friday night it died.
I don’t just mean the battery either.
The technician handed it back to me with a forlorn look and said “it’s DOA.”
I felt like crying.

Maybe this seems like an overreaction to you.
Maybe you’re shaking your head and thinking “this is why people need to unplug more!”
I am actually a big fan of the unplugging movement.
It’s genius really. Taking the time to “detox” from technology for time to time. And I do.
Every summer for about a week I have minimal access to the internet and phone. We go camping. Hang out with nature. And it’s fun.

The problem here is that I need my phone during the week.
To call the kids
Schedule play dates
Be updated on practice schedules.
My day planner is on my phone.
I really is the only way I can keep track of all the kids practice times for Girl Scout, UIL, Band, Church, etc.
It also has my class schedule.
Email (all three of them)
Lists (groceries, school supplies, etc)
Due dates
I am lost without my phone.

Soooo I am very grateful to have one. To be able to afford one. And to be able to have a warranty that will replace my phone…..In about three days.

Day 3- My Own Home

It might sound like a weird thing to be grateful for to some people, but it took a long time before me and Mike could afford, and then find, something we wanted. By long time I mean something in the range of a decade.

I am right now sitting in My kitchen though. It is a bright green with bright white trim and shades. Dark natural stone floor. Induction stove. Huge refrigerator. I love the tables we have in the kitchen and dining room. I love that I have space for an office. We are a little broke after redoing the flooring and walls and buying all the nice kitchen gadgets. As a consequence we have living room furniture. Yet. We will one day and it too will be worth the wait.  

Lets take this back to this morning though.

Our neighbors have cats. A lot of cats. That like to poo on our front lawn. It stinks. Badly. Have I mentioned that I am allergic to cats?

I am at a loss as to how to deal with this…doing research tonight to figure something out.

Anyway as I was sitting there complaining it struck me that, while this is a problem, I still have my own, beautiful, home. I waited a long time to have it. I spent a lot to make it nice. I will Not complain about minor problems.

It doesn’t stop the cats from coming into our yard (all 12 in my driveway tonight!), I will find a way to fix that.

(Sorry no pic…I was hoping to get one of the cats in my yard but oh well)



Day 2- Girl Scouts


I found myself thinking about what to write all day today!

Okay, actually I was torn between thinking about my afternoon schedule of picking up/dropping off kids, getting the cookie delivery (sale starts Saturday!!), and what to write.

On my way to get my car cleaned I decided to stop and pick up some tamales for dinner. Walking to the door of the store a man held the door open for me and my daughter. Now you have to understand…my daughter Loves to hold doors for people…and this guy had a cane and walked with a limp. She ran up, took the door, and said “no no I will hold the door for you!” The man thought this was very sweet.

After placing our order and waiting we heard the man explaining to the cashier that his car battery had died and to please not call a tow truck as he had help on the way.

The man came out of the store about the time I had put the food in my car (Okay, I was stalling). I asked him if he would like me to jump his car and that I had cables with me. It meant that I was unable to clean my car at the place I liked but we got to help someone out.

GS helpers

The point of all this is that my daughter, after it was all over, said that it was nice what we did and that we were being very good Girl Scouts.

It made me think about everything that being a Girl Scout has taught her.

She is a normally  compassionate young girl but I think that via GS she has learned how channel that compassion. She is learning everyday to set goals and how to achieve them. She is learning that important things take work to achieve.

I too have learned many things from my time as a volunteer. Patience and an understanding that while it may take her longer to do things than I would, allowing her to do things on her own is an invaluable learning experience that I should never deprive her of.

So yes. Today, and everyday, I am thankful for the Girl Scouts.

GS Logo

Day 1- Rain

I am super grateful for all the rain that we have been getting in south Texas this week.

Last summer was so incredibly dry without even a hurricane to dampen things up a little. People lost whole crops and hay was the highest I have ever seen…and we are talking about some pretty crappy hay too! Even better than all the rain though is the fact that it came down in light enough to cause very minimal flooding.

Usually here it’s dry or drown.


Here’s hoping we have a wet (but not flooding) year in which the local farmers can have a chance to make a come back. Because I also appreciate the local growers who provide us with reasonably priced foodstuffs.


What It’s All About

I decided to start this blog to journal the everyday life that surrounds me. This is a oversimplistic explanation but it is a good start.
At the end of every year people go around making resolutions that they don’t (or do) keep. Often, I am asked what My resolution will be. I have answered the same for many years.

“I don’t make them.”

This year, however, I have broken away from this stance.
I found myself looking around and seeing that my kids, while great little sweethearts, took much of what they have for granted.
This realization slowly opened my eyes to how I too am guilty of this.
So this year I did make a resolution.
I don’t know how well I will keep it, but I will definitely do my best.

I resolve to look at everyday and find something about it that is positive. Something about it that makes me proud to be me and to have the life, family, and love that I have. I will find (and chronicle) something that made me smile, laugh, feel joy, or whatever else I feel is worth talking about.

Sometimes I may bring up something sad, ugly, or hard to discuss, but I will find some redeeming quality in it. Something that will make that ugly thing worth the experience.
This is a project that I hope will create a new me. A more appreciative me. And, hopefully, this will become a virile feeling that will infect my family, friends, and perfect strangers.

Let the journey begin.