What It’s All About

I decided to start this blog to journal the everyday life that surrounds me. This is a oversimplistic explanation but it is a good start.
At the end of every year people go around making resolutions that they don’t (or do) keep. Often, I am asked what My resolution will be. I have answered the same for many years.

“I don’t make them.”

This year, however, I have broken away from this stance.
I found myself looking around and seeing that my kids, while great little sweethearts, took much of what they have for granted.
This realization slowly opened my eyes to how I too am guilty of this.
So this year I did make a resolution.
I don’t know how well I will keep it, but I will definitely do my best.

I resolve to look at everyday and find something about it that is positive. Something about it that makes me proud to be me and to have the life, family, and love that I have. I will find (and chronicle) something that made me smile, laugh, feel joy, or whatever else I feel is worth talking about.

Sometimes I may bring up something sad, ugly, or hard to discuss, but I will find some redeeming quality in it. Something that will make that ugly thing worth the experience.
This is a project that I hope will create a new me. A more appreciative me. And, hopefully, this will become a virile feeling that will infect my family, friends, and perfect strangers.

Let the journey begin.


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