Day 2- Girl Scouts


I found myself thinking about what to write all day today!

Okay, actually I was torn between thinking about my afternoon schedule of picking up/dropping off kids, getting the cookie delivery (sale starts Saturday!!), and what to write.

On my way to get my car cleaned I decided to stop and pick up some tamales for dinner. Walking to the door of the store a man held the door open for me and my daughter. Now you have to understand…my daughter Loves to hold doors for people…and this guy had a cane and walked with a limp. She ran up, took the door, and said “no no I will hold the door for you!” The man thought this was very sweet.

After placing our order and waiting we heard the man explaining to the cashier that his car battery had died and to please not call a tow truck as he had help on the way.

The man came out of the store about the time I had put the food in my car (Okay, I was stalling). I asked him if he would like me to jump his car and that I had cables with me. It meant that I was unable to clean my car at the place I liked but we got to help someone out.

GS helpers

The point of all this is that my daughter, after it was all over, said that it was nice what we did and that we were being very good Girl Scouts.

It made me think about everything that being a Girl Scout has taught her.

She is a normally  compassionate young girl but I think that via GS she has learned how channel that compassion. She is learning everyday to set goals and how to achieve them. She is learning that important things take work to achieve.

I too have learned many things from my time as a volunteer. Patience and an understanding that while it may take her longer to do things than I would, allowing her to do things on her own is an invaluable learning experience that I should never deprive her of.

So yes. Today, and everyday, I am thankful for the Girl Scouts.

GS Logo


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