Day 3- My Own Home

It might sound like a weird thing to be grateful for to some people, but it took a long time before me and Mike could afford, and then find, something we wanted. By long time I mean something in the range of a decade.

I am right now sitting in My kitchen though. It is a bright green with bright white trim and shades. Dark natural stone floor. Induction stove. Huge refrigerator. I love the tables we have in the kitchen and dining room. I love that I have space for an office. We are a little broke after redoing the flooring and walls and buying all the nice kitchen gadgets. As a consequence we have living room furniture. Yet. We will one day and it too will be worth the wait.  

Lets take this back to this morning though.

Our neighbors have cats. A lot of cats. That like to poo on our front lawn. It stinks. Badly. Have I mentioned that I am allergic to cats?

I am at a loss as to how to deal with this…doing research tonight to figure something out.

Anyway as I was sitting there complaining it struck me that, while this is a problem, I still have my own, beautiful, home. I waited a long time to have it. I spent a lot to make it nice. I will Not complain about minor problems.

It doesn’t stop the cats from coming into our yard (all 12 in my driveway tonight!), I will find a way to fix that.

(Sorry no pic…I was hoping to get one of the cats in my yard but oh well)




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