Day 4- Smartphones

I love my phone.
Unfortunately, it did not love me back as much.
Friday night it died.
I don’t just mean the battery either.
The technician handed it back to me with a forlorn look and said “it’s DOA.”
I felt like crying.

Maybe this seems like an overreaction to you.
Maybe you’re shaking your head and thinking “this is why people need to unplug more!”
I am actually a big fan of the unplugging movement.
It’s genius really. Taking the time to “detox” from technology for time to time. And I do.
Every summer for about a week I have minimal access to the internet and phone. We go camping. Hang out with nature. And it’s fun.

The problem here is that I need my phone during the week.
To call the kids
Schedule play dates
Be updated on practice schedules.
My day planner is on my phone.
I really is the only way I can keep track of all the kids practice times for Girl Scout, UIL, Band, Church, etc.
It also has my class schedule.
Email (all three of them)
Lists (groceries, school supplies, etc)
Due dates
I am lost without my phone.

Soooo I am very grateful to have one. To be able to afford one. And to be able to have a warranty that will replace my phone…..In about three days.


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