Day 5- Peaceful Moments

You know those random moments at the end of some days when all seems right?
I am eternally grateful for those.
Listening to Fur Elise and watching a fire burn in the pit.
Even though it’s been a crazy emotional rollercoaster weekend. Even though the kids fought so much.
I can take a deep breathe, listen to beauty, and watch the hypnotic effects of the dancing flames.
All while enjoying a glass of Mascato.
Maybe it’s the wine I should be grateful for….
I am grateful for those moments of peace.
Because they make me realize how blessed I really am.
So the kids argued a lot. They still love each other.
So I did a Lot of dishes today. I was able to buy all those lovely new dishes to wash.
Dinner was leftover pizza? I like pizza.
Little moments are what make those big ones worth it.

Here’s a song by Brad Paisley (little moments)…I just thoguht it was appropriate.


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