Day 6- Time for Friends

Oftentimes we neglect ourselves to the point of breaking. We don’t even realize what happening most of the time. The constantly putting it off…”Oh I need to go out and chill But this laundry needs doing”…you know what I am talking about.
Me and a friend are always saying how we need to hang out sometime but are never finding the time to do so.
Well, today we made a point to make it happen.
And it was fun.
We got to talk and eat and be basically child free for a short time. (she had her baby with her but he slept through the whole lunch)
It got me thinking about those times when I know that things are reaching a breaking point but I feel like I can’t stop for a break right now…
So many people feel the same way.
Too many of them don’t have the time to take at all.
Too many don’t have friends to take time with.
I am grateful to have friends to go out with (even if it is rare due to busy schedules)
I am also grateful that we have the time and money to go out together. Too many people do not.

Okay well….there is so much more I really wanted to say but I have to get up early tomorrow (and it will be a late night too) so Goodnight and don’t forget to look for the things in your life that you are also blessed with.


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