Day 7- Education

I love the fact that I live in a country that makes education a realistically attainable dream come true. I also love education in general. I am grateful for the opportunity to attend college, and that, at my somewhat older than normal college age, I still fit in among the other students, some of whom are also older than the traditional student.

Because of this pursuing of education, however, I was sadly unable to update at any point in the last week. I will try to not let that slip in the future but no promises.

My first week back on campus was somewhat hectic, but also filled with joyful reunions with old classmates. It’s good to see many of those people again.

I love the clubs that I am a member of and the various meetings and functions I attend because of them. I have made great friends and will make many more in the future.
Here’s to surviving 5 classes and. hopefully, making the deans list yet again! (Something I am also incredibly grateful for!)


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