Unlooked for Advice

Lets admit it together now..
Sometimes that unlooked-for advice the light you didn’t know you were looking for.
Even when it comes from someone who really has no clue what you do or why.
Let me explain that.
Monday I was my boyfriend tells me that he read an article about how to become published. During the conversation I suss out that he means electronically self published. Most of what he mentions from this article are either common sense things I already knew…that, however, is neither here nor there. What he did, completely without meaning to, was throw down the gauntlet and challenge me to do more and be better. There was no point in sating “oh I know all of that” because if I knew it all what then was my excuse for not doing it?

I love that he inadvertently challenged me…or was it??
Now I have to watch him to see if he is getting clever!!
My point..
Sometimes the advice we didn’t ask for, look for, or want is the very thing you needed to hear.
Theres a song about that but I don’t remember the name or who sang it right now.


Day 8- Music

Music is a powerful thing that can drive people to be more, or less, than they truly are. It is a tool of the imagination. It is the bearer of messages otherwise left unheard.
There are so many songs out there they have a meaning to me. As I am sure is the same for most people.
Currently I am full on in Love with Ed Sheeran.
He can really put it down and lay it out there for ya. Seriously…Every Person On Earth NEEDS to Hear his version of Wayfaring Starnger.
It’s that Awesome.
Anyway..my point is that music is one of the few things that almost everyone on the planet has in common. It may be different types, styles, sounds, and reasons but we can all connect to music on some level.
It’s that Aewsome.

Wayfaring Stranger

Give Me Love