This week had been an interesting one. Before the supreme court is a challenge to DOMA (Defense Of Marriage Act). Slowly many states are legalizing the right of a certain group of people in order for them to “have and to hold, forever and always, till death (or divorce) do they part.” I personally have never understood why so many people have a problem with this. Why would I care who wanted to marry whom? Outside of it being some sicko wanting to marry an underage girl or boy….
But then in some countries even that is legal….
That is a whole different debate though.
My point is this. If two people of legal and consenting age want to show that they love each other and are committed enough to publicly create a lifelong bond then why would anyone really care if they were two men or two women? I personally think that the lack of this freedom is in direct violation of the constitution. There is supposed to be a separation of church and state and, maybe I’m wrong about this but, the only arguments I’ve heard against this are all based in religion.


On a slightly different note….

There have been a lot of picture campaigns to go along with this moment in history and some of them are truly powerful. This is a link to my favorite.


And on an even more different note…

I would like to take a moment to say that I appreciate all the freedom that I have.

I chose my religion and am (mostly) not judged for that choice.

I chose to not officially marry my partner and am (again mostly) not judged for that choice.

I chose to obtain an education.

I chose to work instead of staying home.

When the kids were younger I did choose to stay home.

I chose to swear.

I chose my clothes.

I vote for leaders.

Makeup. Home. Car. Books. Food.

In various places throughout the world these things and more are not given as choices.

Whether this is due to being a female, a minority, the government, or some other reason.

I have these choices. I make these choices. I don’t even usually stop to realize they are freedoms.

I love that I have that.



Actually, this one borders more on education but that wasn’t quite it. Ya, there’s a back story.

I went to see the movie version of Le Mis the other day.
It was at the dollar theater and I really wanted to see it on the big screen. So I took this last opportunity to do so.
One member of the audience was a person who clearly had no idea what the movie was about. Or maybe even that it was a musical. She laughed rudely, made loud commentary, and finally left, singing to everyone in the audience that she was doing so.

After ruining two of the most powerful scenes in the whole movie.

At first I was incredibly pissed off.
Then I just felt sorry for her.
You see, the first time I saw Le Mis I was pretty young.
It wasn’t live or anything, just a prerecorded for PBS telethon fundraiser thing.
But it was amazing!
I was glued to the t.v. for the entire thing.
I listened to the music and knew I would always love it.
And I always have.
Sadly, I still have not seen it live. (it’s on my bucket list)
I do own the book. (I haven’t finished it yet though)
My point, however, is this…

That woman clearly did not have an understanding of this movie. She probably just thought “oh it’s that movie Anne Hathaway won an award for” and chose it based on that with no knowledge of what this movie was about. Of why Victor Hugo wrote it. Of the the suffering that the French people truly went through. Probably without knowing it was a world-famous musical and award-winning book. She just laughed at Fantines pain and sacrifice. Laughed at her death!
I feel like finding her and showing her the light.
But alas, I am sure it would be a wasted effort at best.

So I say this….

That I am glad of my early exposure to musicals.

Of the love I have for reading.

That I am curious and inquisitive.

That, not to sound snobbish, I have at least some culture.

Don’t get me wrong, there is enough white trash in me that she was lucky I did not get up and bitch her out.

I like to think I have a decent mix of the two 😀

Being Challenged

Okay, here’s the thing. I am currently taking a philosophy class because there is some confusion about whether or not I need it. I took another class in lieu of this class because I had a feeling that I was going to be not so hot at it. Being in the actual class has only furthered that feeling. However, as Socrates would say…learning is a painful process. Or something like that anyway. It does make you think though…
I spent most of the day vacillating between wanting to drop the class and toughing it out. (to be honest I like discussing the stuff I just don’t feel confident in coughing up deets on an exam)
anyway here’s to being challenged!! Because we all need to be at some point in our lives…and it’s pretty boring otherwise 😀

I had a pick that was perfect for this post but I can’t figure out how to link it from Instgram 😦 Sooo here’s a link for the whole account instead LOL