Boston Marathon

As I sit here people all over the world are discussing the events at the Boston marathon.

Today bombs went off, killing several and injuring over a hundred and thirty.

Reading some of the local news sites you get  a sense of heartache and shock.

Reading some of the non local you start to see a slightly different sentiment peek through.

Some people from other countries are saying “that’s what they get for starting wars” or “they had it coming.” I can almost understand where the sentiment is coming from. They see an America that intrudes and uses drones to kill innocent people. They see an America that is represented by a select few. One that, I like to think, is a non majority.

However, no matter how they feel it does not excuse such comments as those. I felt ashamed of the human race. Because of the ones who would blow up innocent people. Because of the ones that would find some way to justify it. Because every day people are murdered and few seem to care anymore.

Maybe because I moved around when I was younger. Maybe because I have always been adamant about not generalizing a culture or people. But I can not just lump all Muslims or all bikers or all Canadians or all of anything together and say that is the way they are. Because it’s not the way they are. There are always exceptions. I live to see those people. The exceptions. Because they are often the ones that can see beyond the stereotype. I wish the world had more of them. And less of the ones who blow people up. People who came from all over the world. Most of whom are fundraising for charities. Who could hate that?

This blog is supposed to highlight what makes life worth living. And today’s post was supposed to be about my weekend as a camp volunteer with Girl Scouts….I do not have the heart to write about that right now though. Maybe in a few days.


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