My Summer so far

Normally its about 110 degrees by the fouth of July. This year we’ve only had about a weeks worth of 100+ weather. Which is pretty awesome. It actually makes sitting outside at night bearable. Even nice. We normally head to Iowa for the holiday week but this year it just wasn’t in the budget. But we have done some awesome stuff this summer. Tonight me and my youngest lit a fire in the pit and roasted marshmallows. That’s always nice and its one of the things she misses most about camping up north. We have gone to the drive in theater too. We are lucky enough to still have one and I have to say that I love it! Girl scout summer camp is next week. I’m a little nervous  about it but it sounds like fun. Meg is excited to go though 🙂 I apparently volunteered to plan all the brownie activities for the week without realizing how much work it was….ya that is typical me. It’ll be fun though. My birthday is on Monday. I think I’ll be 34 but sometimes I get confused about how old I am..weird I know. I kind of want to have a party but then I’m all naw just kidding… ya. I love how little there is to stress about over the summer but I hate that I lose track of time and never finish anything I plan to do. I guess today’s post is all rambly and confusing, sorry about that.


I wish today was over and tomorrow could start anew.
Bringing with it fresh starts and hope.
To leave behind the moments that soon will make us strong.
To leave behind the moments that brought tears to our eyes.
May our memories of happiness be immortalized with the dawn.
May our memories of happiness forever live on.

Today my heart is breaking for many of my extended family and friends.

The death of my husbands cousin was tragic and heartbreaking. He was a person who exuded fun and happiness, and he will be missed.

As seems to be the theme of the week. A good friend of mine also had a miscarriage. She has many who love her and are here for her.

It makes me think about how life is too short sometimes….about how we need to love the moments we have.

Blessings and love