The Good Stuff

Yesterday was Sunday. It was an incredibly long day. Actually, it was a pretty long weekend overall.
I want to start with Sundays sermon though and then go back a little bit.

First, I don’t normally go to mass. I love my husband and I have no qualms with the Catholic church but it is not the faith for me. I was raised to be open minded and search for God and truth in a way that that doesn’t mesh well with the teachings of Christ. I do, however, love to go from time to time with my family. I offered up the explanation that it made my exhausted daughter more pliable to the rushing out the door that attending a slightly earlier mass had become. The truth is I like to attend from time to time. Sometimes the sermon helps me think things through. Sometimes it’s just because my husband really likes having me there. Sometimes it’s just good for the kids to see that even though you are sure of your path it never hurts to keep in touch with others.

Anyway, Sundays sermon was about taking the time to appreciate the little things in life that can end up meaning more to you than all the money or possessions you could ever accumulate.  I think that this was a perfect lesson right before going through my youngest daughters room in an effort to declutter, it has become dangerous in there! I felt like the perfect cap to a weekend spent taking the time to appreciate those little moments.

Friday the older kids were at band camp. I had mentioned this to a friend who said it takes a lot of dedication to give up a month of summer for marching band. I had never really thought about it but it really does. It helps that a lot of their friends are all there with them, but not all. They could sleep in, watch TV , play games, or do whatever they want. They choose to be in the hot (104!!) sun practicing for competitions and games. That will become a character building memory that will last them forever.

My youngest attended a church retreat that afternoon. She too could have been anywhere else but wanted(begged!) to go fishing with the other kids from her parish and learn more about Jesus and God.

When I picked up the older two from band camp we went to a local coffee shop to listen to some local music and hang out with friends. I Love that they prefer to attend low key events like this and support the local arts.

I loved that they were willing to leave early to pick up there sister from the retreat and visit with the volunteers a while too. They could have complained and begged to stay longer or asked me to pick them up after getting their sister, but they instead enjoyed the time they had and went on to enjoy another thing as well.

Saturday the youngest and I got up early for a Girl Scout event with her troop. We were working on the digital photography badge and as part of it we visited a local photographer at her studio. It was very informative and educational. I think that many of the girls learned new things as well as an appreciation for how far technology has come.

Ending the weekend with a message about taking pleasure in “the good stuff” and not allowing the more expensive things to clutter our minds was a cap on a weekend that felt highlighted in all kinds of good memories and good “stuff”.