Its strange how a website knows me better than I seem to know myself.
Recently Pinterest has unveiled a new search option.
“Explore Interests”
It is supposed to compile all the things that the site has noticed you tend to pin or search for.
For instance… I apparently have an obsession with shelving.
I hadn’t realized this..
Until I saw that as one of my options..
Then I realized holy cow I DO!
Along with shelves I seem to be interested in Paleo cooking, even though I don’t do any, the color grey, steam-punk, and lace dresses. All thing I’m pretty sure I have never directly searched for.
Maybe I don’t remember searching for them?
The thing is, after I started looking through the Interest boards, I realized that I do indeed agree.
I love most of what was suggested!
My conclusion?
Computers will soon rule the world. Because they will learn all about us and what we like.
They will kill us with kindness.
Like an evil Jeeves.
Also, that you should go and create a Pinterest account if you don’t have one.
It’s like all awesomeness of hoarding without any of the drawbacks!
Except that you might one day be killed by an evil Jeeves.
And you wasted an entire three hours looking for the perfect cabbage roll recipe.