How we speak differently.

There has been so much going on in the world lately but the thing on my mind right now is how differently me and my husband speak.

My speech is like a bag full of scrabble tiles that I just toss onto the floor while trying to arrange them into some semblance of making sense. I just can’t keep all those thoughts bottled up so they burst from, willy nilly, in whatever order they happen to be in.

He, on the other hand, has thoughts are like pieces of coal. He keeps them under pressure, hidden away, and if your lucky you might hear some bright and beautiful thought one day but until he thinks it’s perfect enough he doesn’t like for it to be seen.

As a Communication major I have learned, extensively, how important it is to be able to communicate with one another. It is not always easy but it is important to at least try to understand that the other person is different from you and that they may think the same, much less communicate in the same way.

With things in the new such as the Gaza peace talks crumbling and the misunderstandings about immigration one is forced to realize or actively deny that the ability and/or desire to understand our fellow human beings is shrinking every day. One must question how much longer the world can continue with such reckless selfishness before completely imploding.

Whether you are the type that spills your thoughts out or the type that keeps them bottled up we can all find a way to get along and speak to each other.

Just some random thoughts for tonight.