Banned Book Week

I love Books!

In fact this whole last full week of September is typically dedicated to books. Particularly books that have been challenged or banned. This movement has a special place in my heart as I think books. especially ones that have been challenged, can offer a much needed view. Books give the reader a glimpse into another persons life. Or they offer lighthearted humor. Just as there are many reasons that a book is challenged there are also many reasons that a book should be read.

I don’t believe in banning books. I do believe that books should be kept age appropriate. I firmly believe that children are capable of self regulating. Don’t misunderstand. I think that, given the chance, most kids will attempt to read something that they are not ready for. Is that so terrible? Encourage your children to expand their horizons! This is how they learn! This is how they become exposed to new concepts and ideas! Learn about different cultures and religions!

If I ever have questions about whether a book is too much for my children I always consult certain websites. I like fact I love this website. It’s super useful when I need to know the real content and age appropriateness of a movie, book, or game. For parents who aren’t sure about the content of something, they give an age range and then break it down as to why. This makes it easier for a parent to evaluate before committing.

ARBookFind,org has the double bonus of giving an age range, an interest age range, and how many points the books are for AR testing which most schools, my daughters included, participate in.

It’s really about knowing your child and what they can handle. For instance, anything with animals dying my daughter has a hard time with. Her class read Stone Fox last year and she pretty much had a break down in class. The teacher actually had to send her out to collect herself because she was crying so hard. The same thing happened when the watched the JFK shooting.

Know your child, know the content, and don’t forget to follow up with discussion! Talking about what they read is just as important and impactful as actually reading. It is important for them to learn how to self censor and explore. I will not insult my child’s intelligence by telling her what not to read. (Although I will always try and push the classics that should be read by all!)

#BannedBookWeek ios important for us all. Books should be not be banned. If you are interested in learning more about this important issue then I suggest you check out the American Library Associations website.


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