Childhood Dilemmas

For the last month I’ve been watching someone else’s tiny human. It’s been great. Mostly because when they don’t belong to you tiny humans tend to behave in a much better manner. Also, you don’t to worry as much about screwing them up forever and ever. Feed her, bathe her when she needs it, playtime, naps, giver her back. My job is done.

Which kind of segues nicely into a brief rundown (meltdown?) of my own (not so) tiny humans.

11 has been acting out in class lately. we are all pretty sure that she has some form of ADHD but I have been fighting this conclusion with refusal and denial. I can no longer hold this stance as her grades are now being affected. Not just her grades really… her whole demeanor. she has been almost like a different child. Not in a good way. It’s hard to tell if this emotional change is brought on by the frustrations of dealing with her falling grades and frustrated parents and teachers; or if this change is brought on by something even more inevitable. Like the souless, suckish hell that is puberty.

Either way things are not going well.

It almost funny if it wasn’t so clearly obvious. We all have this image in our heads about the things will be as our children grow. I imagined challenging yet smooth transitions. So of course it will be anything but.

17 is also having some troubles. She is stressing out with everything and one that she has made commitments too. I’m worried she will chuck it all. While I agree some things need to go others should stay. She should definitely do whatever it takes to prevent burnout. I really have no idea what advice to offer her though… I know all the old advice of “just listen” but I feel like there should be something more to offer. Some great wisdom to impart about learning to say “no” and not letting other manipulate your kind soul etc.. Maybe I just hate that this whole scene points out my own shortcomings.I feel like laying this all at someone else’s feet and screaming “please solve!!”

I’m the plan person. I am not the clutch person.


Tiny human needs a nap now.