Most of us have it. Most of us love it in some form or another. One thing that I have really noticed though is how hair can truly be the thing that highlights the differences between people. Even people who are the same race, religion, or family. It is also the thing that can pull people together. People who, under any other circumstance, would never have met or spoken.

First, you have the hair itself.

 Gaining, losing.  Curly, straight, wavy, somewhere in between. Thin, thick, a lot, a little, or, again, somewhere in between. 

Then, you have how you care for your hair.

Do you brush? what kind of comb do you use? Shampoo? or no? The “no poo” thing is pretty interesting. do you condition? Do you wash it daily or a few times a week?

Finally, how you style your hair.

Natural, dyed, straightened, curled.

There are even sub categories.

For instance, if you dye it.. what color? A natural one? or do you go with funky colors? Highlights, tips, clumps, or the whole head? Solid colors? Or ombre? Maybe oil slick?

Do you let it grow? Is it short? Razored, layered, flat or angled?

Or, you could shave it all off and buy a bunch of wigs. A new do for every day!






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